5/31/2018 It’s ‘Off’…Let’s Make a Deal…No Euro Issues in Italy…Well, maybe not!

| May 30, 2018
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AUTHOR: TOWNE SCHERER.COM 5/31/2018: TowneScherer Private Wealth Management BLOG:

 It’s “Off”…Well, Maybe Not!

 Although the U.S. meeting with North Korea is formally off, the two countries are continuing talks aimed at getting a summit back on, reports, CBS, May 29, 2018. U.S. representatives have expressed a desire for a one-shot deal in which North Korea eliminates its nuclear devises first and receives rewards at a later date.

 Let’s Make a Deal… Well, Maybe Not!

 Noting the $150 billion in Iranian assets the Iran Nuclear Deal unfroze probably helped underwrite Iranian military activities in Syria and elsewhere, weak inspections, an automatic sunset provision and a growing ballistic missile program, made Trump’s decision to withdraw from the deal an easy one, according to USA Today, May 8, 2018.

 No Euro Issues in Italy…Well, maybe not!

 The potential withdrawal of Italy from the Euro as a result of a selloff in Italian government debt raised fears that this sentiment may spread to other European countries states MarketWatch in a May 29, 2018 article. Further, on such news the US markets experienced a sharp pullback this end of May.

 Looks like it’s a Maybe not world out there…Well, maybe not.


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