6/8/2018 Household Inocme $100 Trillion, N. Korea Denuke

| June 25, 2018
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AUTHOR: TOWNE SCHERER.COM 6/8/2018: Towne Scherer Private Wealth Management BLOG

Household Income Net Worth Tops $100 Trillion

Household net worth tops $100 Trillion for the first time in the first quarter, according to the Federal Reserve in a7/7/2018 MarketWatch article.  Adding to this positive news, net worth to disposable income is at  the highest level in history, while debt service payments as a per cent of household income are not suggesting bubble-era issues.

North Korea Denuclearization Summit

Saying he wants “A victory for the world,” President Trump prepares to head off to South Korea to negotiate with North Korea over denuclearization on June 12, 2018, reports a VOX story, 5/9/2018. Further, the US may have to make serious concessions to convince North Korea to consider giving up their weapons.


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