4/7/2018 What’s Trending in the Markets? Will Illegal Immigrants be Voting in CA Elections?

| April 10, 2018
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AUTHOR: TOWNE SCHERER.COM 4/7/2018: TowneScherer Private Wealth Management BLOG:

 What’s Trending in the Markets?

 Domestic Equity, despite all the recent volatility, is the strongest trending area in the markets, according to the Dorsey Wright’s DALI, 4/4/2018. Within the Domestic Equities category, Large-Cap Growth, Small-Cap Growth and Mid-Cap Blend are the leading asset allocation positions. Further, Technology, Financials, Industrials and Consumer Cyclicals continue to be the strongest core sectors. Although this market run is long in the tooth, apparently, there are some strong bull indicators.

 Will Illegal Immigrants be Voting in CA Elections?

In excess of a million illegal immigrants obtained California driver’s license says the California DMV, according to a report by Fox News, April 4, 2018. Further, under current law, anyone obtaining a California driver’s license, will automatically be registered to vote and will have to opt out when applying at the DMV, reports the LA Times, October 16, 2015. Which raises the question, do you think that some people might end up voting illegally in future elections?


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